December 25, 2018

Baby Rizz

On September 12th, I found out our lives were going to be changed forever. We were going to be adding a new teammate to TeamKJ. Kyle was out of town on a business trip when I found out and had a surprise waiting for him when he got home:

We have nicknamed the future Schulz, Rizz, because we were tired of calling him/her "the baby". (extra points to anyone who can guess who "Rizz" is after). I'm due May 19th - Spring baby! I am very happy to be out of the first trimester. It. was. brutal. "Morning sickness" needs to be re-branded as "All day sickness".  Worst part about the nausea was my commute on the train. The stop-and-go, the smells, the tight spaces - oh, it was the worst. I threw up on multiple train platforms. I got through it with the kindness of strangers (giving me gum, asking if I was okay) and lots of saltine crackers. 

We have our 20 week appointment coming up next week (HALF WAY DONE!). We will not be finding out the sex of the baby. We want to raise this kid as gender neutral as possible, so starting off the journey with not putting too much emphasis on if they are a boy or a girl. As cliche and corny as it sounds, we don't really care and it doesn't matter to us. 

We are so excited for this next chapter in our lives! We have been so fortunate to have amazing family and friends who have surrounded us with their love. See you soon, Baby Rizz!!!

October 31, 2018

I love Halloween

*Blogging while eating Chipotle - My favorite meal for my favorite holiday*

I've always loved everything scary: movies, books, podcasts, stories, TV shows, anything that would give me chills - I'm always up for. Makes sense that Halloween is my favorite holiday, ever since I was a kid and I have always dressed up every year. This year due to multiple factors (work, travel, sickness) I was not able to dress up. And that made me sad. Like really sad. So I decided to take a trip down memory lane to try and cheer me up. And it did. 

Happy Halloween everyone! 




Snapchat Filters

Google Maps


Government Shutdown

Social Butterfly


Katniss Everdeen 

Jungle grrrrl

September 24, 2018

Guinness does taste better in Ireland

**Blogging while watching my newest obsession: The Great British Baking Show**

I called my grandma for her birthday and she said "I haven't seen that blog post thing of yours in a while". SO shout-out to my grandma for kicking my butt into gear and back into my blog. 

Kyle and I recently got back from our most recent adventure: Scotland and Ireland!

We flew into Edinburgh and spent the day grazing the streets, seeing the castle in the middle of the city and running into all the interesting performers at The Fringe.

We spent a day exploring the cute town of St. Andrews. (And had lunch where Prince William and Kate hung out in college). 

We stayed in some cute Bed and Breakfasts. Everyone's hospitality was unreal. 

 In line to kiss the Blarney Stone.


Coast of Ireland

Spent a day pub crawling in Dublin with an old college friend. :)

 I needed a vacation from this vacation. Oof duh. 

July 30, 2018

Jam Packed Summer

**Blogging while watching Very Cavallari. I like the show, I still hate Jay Cutler**

When I just first got this blog, Kyle made me promise I would post once a month so the $12/year payment was worth it. Well I have not help up my end of the bargain and I hear about it almost everyday. So here I am - back to blogging so Kyle will shut up.

I cannot believe tomorrow is August. This summer FLEW by - but we sure did make the most of our first Chicago Summer.

My sister and her boyfriend, Justin, came into the city to celebrate their birthdays with us.

I got to spend some quality time with the other Judge sister when Juliette came into town for Chicago Pride Parade. I was on the committee that created the Google float so we got to actually walk in the parade - it was incredible. So.Much.Love. ❤💙💚💛💜

 I traveled to California for work but made it into a longer trip to see my friend, Allie. It was so great to see her and catch up.  👭

The reason I was in California for work was for my 20% project. For those of you who don't know what that is: Google allows us to spend 20% of our time dedicated to something we are passionate about that isn't necessarily part of our core role. It's a pretty cool perk. 

#IamRemarkable is initiative, started by two Googlers in London, which helps empower women and underrepresented groups speak about their accomplishments. I'm helping the program scale in the US. Find out more about #IamRemarkable here

Women from all over the country wrote on this wall behind me about why they are Remarkable. It was so empowering and thrilling to see months of work come to life. 

The day I arrived for the conference, they surprised us with a John Legend concert! #onlyatGoogle

Best part of the summer: seeing these adorable babies!!

Kyle and I attended the "Keep Families Together" march in Chicago. It was incredible to see so many families come together, inspiring posters and democracy in action. 

We made the trip twice to Indiana to float the river. Granted, it was no Texas river, but it did the job. 

We also celebrated this girl's (and sister's) birthday with sun, beers, pizza and soft kisses.

I got two Cub's games in this summer: One with Kyle and another one on Google's tab. 

Whoa! What a summer. 

I'll leave you with a cute picture of Bran - just because. :)

(we call this Branrito)



May 8, 2018

And just like that...I'm in my 30s.

**Blogging while watching The Lion King (I'm still a kid at heart)**

Welp, I am now a 30-year-old (Still feels weird to say). I had to keep reminding myself during the months leading up to my birthday that "Getting older is a privileged denied to many". Not going to sugarcoat it - turning 30 really messed with my head. However, after a weekend surrounded by friends and family, those negative feelings quickly disappeared.  

Kyle did such a great job setting up this surprise weekend in Madison, WI. I had NO idea what was in store for me...All the people I love all in one place. Celebrating ME!

Both my sisters, (Juliette from Denver and Jenn from Indianapolis) came in for the action. This is us driving from Chicago to Madison - Before I knew anyone else would be there. 

All dolled up. 

My high school friend, Jess, flew from Denver and my Google BFF Allie, flew from San Jose.  I was SHOCKED they made the trip all the way to Wisconsin for me. 

My Indy Crew: Rory, Lindsey and Maggie

The reason I am alive today: My parents

Can't turn 30 without my college friends: Chelsea and Maggie

Piano bar...MY FAVORITE!

This was an experience.
 (Note to self: "Festivals" and "Block Parties" are NOT the same)

Never too old for a bathroom selfie - right??

Nap time (because we are old).

Thank you everyone who made me feel so special. It was an amazing weekend full of laughs, signing, dancing, too many shots, friends, family, love, and (happy) tears.