And just like that...I'm in my 30s.

**Blogging while watching The Lion King (I'm still a kid at heart)**

Welp, I am now a 30-year-old (Still feels weird to say). I had to keep reminding myself during the months leading up to my birthday that "Getting older is a privileged denied to many". Not going to sugarcoat it - turning 30 really messed with my head. However, after a weekend surrounded by friends and family, those negative feelings quickly disappeared.  

Kyle did such a great job setting up this surprise weekend in Madison, WI. I had NO idea what was in store for me...All the people I love all in one place. Celebrating ME!

Both my sisters, (Juliette from Denver and Jenn from Indianapolis) came in for the action. This is us driving from Chicago to Madison - Before I knew anyone else would be there. 

All dolled up. 

My high school friend, Jess, flew from Denver and my Google BFF Allie, flew from San Jose.  I was SHOCKED they made the trip all the way to Wisconsin for me. 

My Indy Crew: Rory, Lindsey and Maggie

The reason I am alive today: My parents

Can't turn 30 without my college friends: Chelsea and Maggie

Piano bar...MY FAVORITE!

This was an experience.
 (Note to self: "Festivals" and "Block Parties" are NOT the same)

Never too old for a bathroom selfie - right??

Nap time (because we are old).

Thank you everyone who made me feel so special. It was an amazing weekend full of laughs, signing, dancing, too many shots, friends, family, love, and (happy) tears. 




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