November 13, 2017

When a house becomes a HOME

Well it's official: We can finally say our Chicago house is now our home. 💙  How does that exactly happen? I'll tell you: friends+family+laughs+wine (LOTS of wine)

Here are some pictures of when we first moved in. Even though we had everything hung up and all the boxes were unpacked, something was missing. It wasn't filled with any memories...yet. 

Fortunately for us, we moved to an area where we know people...and we like having them around!

We had Kyle's sister, Maggie, and her boyfriend, Joe, out for the weekend for Maggie's 24th birthday.!

Next, we had the entire Sycamoron crew over for taco night. (*Sycamorons is a term of endearment for our family that lives in Sycamore, IL😃) Kyle's parents, aunt, uncle and grandparents all piled into one car and made their way to the big city to visit us and see our new home. After countless family dinners in their homes, it was nice to host them in ours. 

 While living in Austin, we were fortunate enough to make some really special friends. These friends brought a lot of good things into our lives. One of them being the tradition of Friendsgiving. Of course we had to keep the tradition alive. We had friends from Indiana, cousin from Wisconsin, sister from Colorado and more all gather for some delicious turkey, fun games, excellent company and good times. 

Thank you to everyone who came, ate, drank and laughed with us. If you haven't yet, please come visit soon - We would love to have you!

Next visitor is going to be the best: my sweet niece, Jo! Can't wait!



November 1, 2017

Today was rough

**Blogging while siting on my porch, drinking wine with my Bran...he makes things better**

Everyone thinks that working at Google, you are immune to "bad days". You have free food, massage chairs, ping pong, your own coffee barista, snacks around every corner, everything you could ever need to make you happy 100% of the time. Well I am here to tell you: That's just not how it works. No matter the company, no matter what you do for a living, everyone is human and will have "just one of those days". I had forgotten this.  Today I walked briskly to the bathroom and cried for about 10 minutes straight. I felt overwhelmed and incompetent. My first instinct was: "Suck. It. Up...Stop being such a baby. You have an amazing job at a great company with amazing people".  Then I realized that just because I work at an adult playground, doesn't mean I get to disregard how I feel. It's okay to be human. I embraced it and slowly but surely, got through the day.  

I'm not sure why, but I felt the need to document this day. They don't come too often, luckily. (I've worked at Google for 3 years and today has only been my 2nd "bad day" so in comparison to other people who dread work everyday, I am very lucky). 

Today sucked. Tomorrow will be better.