July 28, 2016

Summer '16

**Blogging while watching the DNC (I'm with her).**

Oh sweet summer time - How I love you. Even though Texas summers can be unbearable at times, there is something about a cold beer in my hand and the hot sun on my skin that brings me back to my days before joining the "real world".  Adults can have fun during summer too! Here are some things we have been up during Summer '16

Rooftop life: Nothing better than spending a summer night on a downtown rooftop bar dancing and laughing. PS - The reason I am wearing a name tag was because that night was a party thrown by my staffing agency and name tag = free drinks.

Visitors: Scott, Kyle's dad, and my brother, Jono, both made an Austin appearance this summer. 

Zilker Park Shenanigans: One of the classic Austin things to do during the summer is attend Blues on the Green. We have friends come pre-game at our condo and then we walk to this free concert. We bring blankets, beer, sandwiches and it's a great time!

Kyle and I also joined a sand volleyball league that plays every Thursdays at Zilker. We are undefeated. #knockonwood

 Summer fun w/Google:
To the left is a picture of some Googlers who volunteered at a Puppy Mill Awareness benefit where money was raised to help puppies from puppy mills become healthy. 

On the right is a picture of my team at a Luau thrown to celebrate all our hires this year. 

"Adulting": One thing that Kyle and I have been putting off was sitting down with a financial adviser to talk about real life "adult" things. YUCK. Well we did it - and it wasn't that bad.

Being a dog mom:  I made Bran an Instagram account! (Don't judge me). His IG handle: brantheman6212. Follow him to see the what the beast is up to and see cute pictures like this one.

Things I'm looking forward to the rest of the summer: 
1. The Olympics! Kyle made us get cable again just so we can watch it. 
2. My sister coming to visit.
3. Kyle's parents coming to visit. 
4. My parents coming to visit. 
5. Work trip to Cali. 

Hope everyone is having an amazing summer and staying cool. (Literally and figuratively).



July 5, 2016


***Blogging while watching Grey's Anatomy (How have I waited this long to jump on this bandwagon?!?!?!)***

Hi there! I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. This past weekend we had some guests visit. My college roommate/bridesmaid/volleyball teammate/the best pepper partner Sarah AKA P-Rod and her boyfriend, Chris, came to Austin for a jam packed weekend of fun. Actually, they only came to see the bats under the congress bridge, but that's okay. ;)

Kyle and I took Friday off from work and took them to Gruene, TX where we floated the river, drank beers, listened to music and almost died twice on rapids. 

We enjoyed some delicious Texas BBQ and was even taken to the back pit to see the meat up close and personal!

We rode off into the sunset on a Bat Cruise to make sure they got to see the 2 million bat colony. 

We headed to the 'burbs and saw the Cubs' minor league team play the Round Rock Express. Chris and P-Rod are both huge Cubs fans so it worked out really perfectly!

This was not P-Rod's first time to Austin and she wanted to make sure we went to her FAVORITE bar here: Pete Dueling Piano Bar. So.Much.Fun. 

**************EXCITING NEWS!!!!***************

As most of you know, Kyle has been really unhappy in his current role and have been interviewing with multiple organizations all over the country.  Last week he accepted a job with USDM (Universal Standards for Digital Marketing) as Director – Business Development, Economic Development. This move to the private sector will be a challenging but exciting one for Kyle. He will be taking on a groundbreaking, new role developing their strategy as they look to take their expertise in destination marketing and apply it to Economic Development. I am extremely proud of him and so happy we get to stay in Austin for a little longer. :) Cheers to Kyle!