May 15, 2016

My week of being a Noogler

***Blogging while waiting for Kyle to pick me up at the airport (because he forgot to set his alarm for my 1am arrival).***
ATTN: New life adventure starting! After a year and a half of being a contract/temp employee at Google, I was converted to a FULL TIME Googler. It has been an incredible journey and I cannot wait to see what kinds of opportunities this will bring! I will be on the same team, in the same role - just with the added “perks”.I got to fly out to the motherland: Mountain View, CA for Noogler orientation. (Noogler = New Googler). Everyone I met was so welcoming, friendly and incredible. Riding Google bikes from building to building on main campus was definitely one of my favorite parts.
I took the 30 minute car ride to San Bruno to visit the You Tube offices (when in Cali, right?). SO.MUCH.FUN. Disneyland for adults.
I spent the rest of the week with my teammates and those who I work closely with (and have only seen through a computer screen) at Tech Corners - Sunnyvale.
On Wednesday, Google threw a movie night on their soccer field. We drank beers, watched Jurassic Park (the original) and had a blast!
My favorite desk! Carol's Candy Shop!
Jorgen! The coolest dude in Cali!
My Noogler graduation. :)

If you are reading this blog post just for the cool Google photos, you can stop reading now. This is the part where I divulge “what I discovered about myself".  (I have to get wiser as I get older, right?)
On my way to CA, I started reading The Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. (You know - the woman who made Thursday night a thing?) And there was a part that REALLY stood out to me and couldn’t have come at a better time.
She talks about how all these amazing women she encounters (tv writers, famous actresses, show runners, CEOs, etc) have a hard time being told they are awesome. They usually get embarrassed, negate the compliment or shy away. Before this was highlighted to me (Thanks Shonda), I was doing the same thing. Whenever someone congratulated me or complemented me on converting I would reply with my “go-to” phrase and timidly say “Thank you, I’m so lucky and so excited”. I have never been one to boldly and proudly say “THANK YOU, I really deserve this because I’ve worked my ass off to get here”. I think that it is really hard for a lot of women to own up to their accomplishments, to take a compliment and not duck their head down when being praised. We are scared of how others will perceive us - arrogant, cocky or conceited. Shonda goes on a rant about Badassery: An amazing new word that everyone should add to their vocabulary.

I work at Google and that is badass.

May 14, 2016

JJ's New Blog

Friends and family,

After an experimental 3.5 years of blogging, I decided to change platforms and buy my own domain. I really enjoy blogging and can see myself doing this for a long time. My original blog at WordPress was out of "free" storage and it was time to make a switch. This platform has a lot more options and a lot more user friendly (not to mention owned by Google). I'm excited to start blogging here. Even though I have to start all over, in the end, it will be worth it!



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Goodbye 27...

...Hello 28!!
Well another year has come and gone - and we did what we do best: CELEBRATE. I will always be one to celebrate birthdays in a big way. I think they are an amazing time to cherish this life we live everyday with friends and family.
For Kyle's birthday (4 days before mine) we ate tacos and drank tequila at one of our favorite Austin establishments: Tacos and Tequila.
After, we went home (early because it was a Wednesday and we are working adults now) and opened a box full of birthday goodies! Even at 29, Kyle gets excited about presents. :)
I turned 28 in a hotel room in Dallas. My volleyball team had a 3 day tournament and Kyle was awesome enough to come and keep me company. I should have known he would bring the birthday shenanigans with him....
Shout out to our friend, Beth, who watched Bran and the kitties while we were away all weekend and sent me this adorable picture. I can't handle the cuteness.
After a long weekend, I came home to find our condo had been visited by the birthday fairy. Thanks to my friend, Allie, for this wonderful surprise.
The best was opening the fridge and seeing this box:
Kyle's grandparents sent us our favorite Chicago meal and I had my own personal chef to cook it for me.
The next day I came into work to find my desk showered with funny photos, flowers and gifts. I have the best team EVER - they sure know how to make a girl feel special. PS-notice Kyle's head on JJ Watt's body - my personal favorite.
After a weekend of cake, candy and donuts - it was nice to receive a healthy (but also yummy) birthday treat from my parents. :)
27 was an incredible year, but I think 28 will be even better...stay tuned to my next blog post for more info ;)
*To everyone who helped us celebrate our lives, thank you. You are all amazing.*