Guinness does taste better in Ireland

**Blogging while watching my newest obsession: The Great British Baking Show**

I called my grandma for her birthday and she said "I haven't seen that blog post thing of yours in a while". SO shout-out to my grandma for kicking my butt into gear and back into my blog. 

Kyle and I recently got back from our most recent adventure: Scotland and Ireland!

We flew into Edinburgh and spent the day grazing the streets, seeing the castle in the middle of the city and running into all the interesting performers at The Fringe.

We spent a day exploring the cute town of St. Andrews. (And had lunch where Prince William and Kate hung out in college). 

We stayed in some cute Bed and Breakfasts. Everyone's hospitality was unreal. 

 In line to kiss the Blarney Stone.


Coast of Ireland

Spent a day pub crawling in Dublin with an old college friend. :)

 I needed a vacation from this vacation. Oof duh. 


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