Baby Rizz

On September 12th, I found out our lives were going to be changed forever. We were going to be adding a new teammate to TeamKJ. Kyle was out of town on a business trip when I found out and had a surprise waiting for him when he got home:

We have nicknamed the future Schulz, Rizz, because we were tired of calling him/her "the baby". (extra points to anyone who can guess who "Rizz" is after). I'm due May 19th - Spring baby! I am very happy to be out of the first trimester. It. was. brutal. "Morning sickness" needs to be re-branded as "All day sickness".  Worst part about the nausea was my commute on the train. The stop-and-go, the smells, the tight spaces - oh, it was the worst. I threw up on multiple train platforms. I got through it with the kindness of strangers (giving me gum, asking if I was okay) and lots of saltine crackers. 

We have our 20 week appointment coming up next week (HALF WAY DONE!). We will not be finding out the sex of the baby. We want to raise this kid as gender neutral as possible, so starting off the journey with not putting too much emphasis on if they are a boy or a girl. As cliche and corny as it sounds, we don't really care and it doesn't matter to us. 

We are so excited for this next chapter in our lives! We have been so fortunate to have amazing family and friends who have surrounded us with their love. See you soon, Baby Rizz!!!


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