V important: Non-Family Travel

 Ever since having Rhy and after the pandemic, I made a promise to myself to go on 1 "solo" trip a year. "Solo" meaning no kid, no husband. I want to make sure I don't lose myself in motherhood and in my marriage and remind myself I am actually a whole person outside of those things. Don't get me wrong, I love Rhy and Ky with my whole heart, but sometimes we need "just me" time. 

So I was ECSTATIC when I got the following message from a friend:

Barbie and I started our friendship seeing each other every Saturday while our girls danced and we watched from the sidelines. Me not being a morning person, Barbie always kept the conversation going, asking questions about work and life and I found it so easy to have a conversation with her. We bonded over being Latina (she's from Chile) and our love for dancing. We became instant friends. 

June was a really hard month for the Schulz fam because Kyle had 3 work trips and I was solo parenting a lot - so this get away came at the perfect time! 

Barbie's friends, Wendy and Abby,  (that I met for the first time on the trip) were just as wonderful as she was. They were fun, very easy to get along with, go with the flow, but also could hold deep conversations (something I gravitate towards).

Punta Cana was just stunning - the people, the beaches, the hotel, everything was gorgeous.

Do Not Disturb (unless you are giving massages or serving drinks)

Breakfast views


                                                                        We <3 Punta Cana

One night we ventured off the property and went to Coco Bongo (named after the night club in The Mask w/Jim Carrey). It's really hard  to describe this experience unless you have been there. I tried to describe it to Kyle as a mix of a club, rave, Cirque du Soleil, Broadway, strip club, and movie theater all rolled into one. It was WILD. 

I did end the trip with some stomach issues :( but I would totally do it all over again. On the way home, Barbie and I got upgraded to first class! WOOO! All that work travel is finally paying off. :) 



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