Well-being Reminders

 *Writing this while watching the Oscars*

I'm part of a well-being group at work and someone sent out a really great note I wanted to share (and also document so I can come back and reference)...

1. Keep a database of positive memories.

I love this so much. I actually think of my blog as a "database" of all my positive memories. I love going back and reading old blog posts when I'm in a funk. It really does change your mood. Highly recommend, whether it be a journal or your insta or a blog - document all those happy memories. 

2. Focus on gratitude.

A study published in the journal Cognition and Emotion found that when people agreed with the statements “I have so much in life to be thankful for” they experienced positive emotions and fewer symptoms of depression. I can 100% see this correlation. I always try and ground myself in gratitude whenever things are out of sorts. It changes your perspective. 

*My proudest parenting moment to date: Every night at dinner we go around and ask what we are grateful for. One night I was having a rough time (Kyle was at a work function and I was solo parenting) so I forgot to ask. When I asked Rhy to go upstairs to get ready for bed after dinner, she goes "WAIT! What were you grateful for today, mama?" After I thought about it and answered, I felt so much better. 

3. Look for meaning and learning.

I am such a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Think back to some bad memories, reflect and try to find the learning. It can be powerful. I know it's hard when you are in the moment of the shit storm to think this way. But give it time and revisit - I'm sure there is something there you will discover. 

Speaking of well-being and mental health, I'm so excited to share something that I have been working on in this space in a couple of months. :) 

Have a great week!




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