Spaulding Ave --> Saint Louis Ave

 *Blogging while watching Lizzo's BIG GRRRLS 💥*

It's been a wild 4 months, but we did it! We sold our condo and bought a new house! 🏡 We are still in Chicago but in a new neighborhood: North Park. Now that we are on the other side of this process, we can finally celebrate. This house was the 3rd one we looked at and we instantly fell in love. It has the charm of a Chicago bungalow (what Kyle wanted) but modern and updated inside (what I wanted). With the market so hot, we were ecstatic when the seller accepted our offer. We were able to add some of our own touches and it finally feels like it's all coming together.    





I still walk around the house feeling like I'm living a dream - I can't believe that this is our home. I'm so incredibly grateful everyday that we are able to make this transition for our family. 

Also, we have ALL the room for guests now -- so please come visit!! I love hosting! :) 





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