*Blogging while watching The Morning Show - I was skeptical but it's actually pretty good*

Well it finally happened. After 2 years of being diligent, following the "rules", being extremely careful and making hard decisions made through an anxiety induced lens, we got the coronavirus. Kyle tested positive on Dec. 19th after having symptoms for about 2 days. Rhy and I tried our best to isolate our selves the best we could but we couldn't prevent the inevitable. I tested positive Dec. 24 and then Rhy on Dec. 26. Luckily it was VERY mild and Rhynder didn't show any symptoms. We were mostly worried about her since she isn't vaccinated, but she was a champ! 

Even though we were fine physically, being quarantined with a toddler for 20 days really tested our mental health. It felt like an endless cycle of making meals, Disney+, doing dishes, cleaning up toys, 15 minute toddler activates and walks around the block. I love my kid, but I don't think we were meant to spend so much consecutive time together. Kyle and I did an amazing job taking turns and giving each other breaks when we needed them. Now that I am on the other side of it, I can look back and appreciate all the good memories we made. 

I think what was so hard about this year was that we had the expectation to spend the holidays with family. Last year we also quarantined but thought it would be last year we had to do that. Missing Christmas with Kyle's family and New Years with my family was a gut punch and made me incredibly sad. But now we are all COVID free and back into the world. 

Spending all that time in our condo, really got us excited to move into a bigger space. Yes, we are moving! We found our dream home and had to jump on it. We will still be in Chicago, in the North Park neighborhood. We instantly could see Rhynder growing up in the house and hopefully adding to our family there. There is plenty of room for all the guests, so please come visit. We move at the end of Jan -- it's going to be a fun next chapter for the Schulz fam. 

Hope you had a safe, wonderful holiday and cheers to 2022!




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