Summer of wedding celebrations

 *Blogging while watching Real Housewives of Potomac*

OUR FAMILY IS GROWING!! Over the summer we added two new members: Justin and Darla. I love these humans so much and I'm so happy to officially welcome them to the family! 

Jenn and Justin got married in Hollidaysburg, a cute little town nestled in the hills of Pennsylvania, where Justin is from. The weekend was a whirlwind. So many happy emotions, so much dancing and lots of love everywhere. Every time I looked over at the couple, they were giggling and laughing and exuding joy. 

 My sissy is all grown up.

A day of getting ready with all the girls - oh, so much fun! 

Rhynder stole the show while walking down the isle with her cousins...

...then wanted to be by mom.

Back to her duties. 

The fam! 

Just like her mom - killing it on the dance floor.

Grandparents dance :) 

These two!

Juliette and Darla decided to elope at a beautiful park in Chicago. It was just them, the officiant and a photographer. It was just the perfect day and SO them. You can tell how happy they are in all their pics! 

These cuties! 

We were able to celebrate the two with a boat ride through downtown. They day was filled with LOTS of champagne and so much dancing. 

 I'm so happy for both my sisters as they both embark on this journey of marriage. (Being married is awesome!)



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