It's been awhile, blog. Kyle has bugged me enough to get my energy up to write this post. I was thinking about what to write about so I ventured into my old blog for some inspiration. I came across this post, "Currently". It was so fun to read what I was doing 5 years ago. Thought it would be fun to do it again. :) 


Reading…So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo. I'm part of a DEI group at Google that started a book club and we are reading this/discussing. Highly recommend! 

Watching…Real Housewives of New Jersey. Don't @ me. After we put Rhy down, Kyle and I are EXHAUSTED. We need some easy watching to just veg out to. 

Trying…Intuitive Eating. I've had a very messed up relationship with food my whole life. Diet culture is just inherently ingrained everywhere we turn. I finished Just Eat It where it talks all about ditching diet culture and really listening to your body. It's going to be a long journey since I've been on the dieting merry go round for the last 15 years + recovering from multiple eating disorders. I want to do better not only for myself, but for Rhynder. I want her to grow up with a positive relationship with food. 

Cooking…ALL the TikTok recipes. omg so much good stuff and they make it so easy! 

Eating…anything my body wants (Thanks IE!)

Drinking…red wine

Texting…my sisters. I sent them a fun make up video (pretending I'm an influenceršŸ˜). 

Pinning…flower girl dresses for Rhynder! 

Tweeting…n/a. twitter is a hell hole. (except when dragging problematic people)

Crafting…Ugh, this hobby is on hold for a while while there is a toddler around. :/ 

Going…to Houston. My grandparents recently moved into a retirement home and is selling their house. So we are going to visit them and see their new hangout spot. 

Loving…picking up Rhynder from daycare. She lights up and just starts screaming when I walk through the door. It's the best feeling in the world. 

Hating…the rise in anti-Asian attacks since COVID-19. Stop AAPI Hate has recorded more than 3,800 acts of violence, racism and discrimination against people in the Asian community since March of 2020. Hope you are taking time to educate yourself of this nation’s long history of brutal bigotry against Asian Americans.

Hoping (for)…getting vaccinated soon!

Celebrating…Kyle! He was recently recognized by Development Counselors International as one of the 40 Under 40 in Economic Development #proudwifie

Smelling…Spring air

Thanking…Disney for making awesome movies that Rhynder loves (Moana, Coco)

Considering…my next career move. 

Starting…a couple of exciting things! 1. I am currently enrolled in University of South Florida's Muma College of Business Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace Certificate program. I'm excited to keep on my DEI journey through this 7 week course. :) 2. I recently started a new 20% project (Google lets their employees spend 20% of their time on passion projects) I am working with the Google for Education team, specifically with the Certified Coach Program. I will be developing Professional Development series for our certified Coaches! 

Finishing…this blog post. 

I couldn't blog w/o posting a pic of my kid. 




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