New year, same blog

**Blogging while watching the National Championship - couldn't care less about who wins**

Happy New Year everyone!! I can't believe it's 2020. Here are just a few things I'm looking forward to this year: 

-Iowa caucuses 
-Celebrating 1 year of being parents
-My sister turning 21!
-General election
-Our first family vacation as 3
-Using our new adult vacuum (I wonder how long this excitement will last)
-Lucy and Mark's wedding! (Rhynder is their flower girl!)

I love the turning of a new year. I love reflecting back on all what we have done/accomplished and setting new goals and planning new memories. 

We were able to spend Rhynder's first holiday season with both our families. I know she was too little to know what was going on, but it was still special, nonetheless, and I can't wait to shower her pictures and videos of her first Christmas. :)

Hope everyone had a great holiday season! 




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