"Baby"......Take a shot!

Last weekend we traveled to Indianapolis to celebrate ALL THE BABIES! It worked out perfectly since my family was in town from Denver for my neice and nephew's birthday to have a celebration of Rizz also! Our amazing friends Rory, Lindsey and Maggie threw us a wonderful baby shower full of SHOTS, tacos, games, cake and lots of love. I showed up in my "I miss wine" shirt for the occasion. :) 

Cheers for Baby Rizz!!

Did you say "Baby"?? Take a shot...

All the siblings in one place makes my heart happy. 

Feeding Kyle baby food and he had to guess the flavor. His favorite: Beef and Gravy

Jo and Walter! I cannot wait to re-create this picture with their new cousin. 

The next day we celebrated Walter turning 1 and Jo turning 3. OH MY GOSH. They are growing up so fast!!

Get it, GIRL!

It was so great to get together with friends and family and celebrate all these precious babies in our lives. :)




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