Day 29

**Blogging while watching the snow come down (Yes - It is late April)**

So here I am, 1 day away from finishing this crazy Whole30 journey. It really is surreal. I remember when the idea was presented to me (shout out to my sister, Jenn!) I was like: NO WAY I CAN DO THAT! Welp, it's amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it. That is probably my biggest take-away from this experience. I can do anything. Here are some other lessons I learned: 
  • Black coffee is not delicious at first, but after awhile, it grows on you. (I feel very adult drinking black coffee) but why add all that sugar?? I will continue to drink black coffee after this.
  • Don't keep soda in the house. Before these 30 days, Diet Coke was a stable in our fridge and on our grocery list. I have found some delicious alternatives for my carbonation cravings: Kombucha + La Croix, Bubbly, Perrier, and Topo Chico. But if it's not in the house, you don't drink it. Moving forward, we won't keep any soda in the house. My diet coke addiction has definitely subsided. (Well, I think)
  • Cooking can be enjoyable. Before this, I dreaded cooking. But I have learned to enjoy the time I spend in the kitchen with Kyle. We crank up the music and have so much fun. I actually like chopping veggies and garlic. It's all about your mindset. We have dedicated our Sundays to meal prep for the week and this is been so good for us. (Cooking while drinking wine will be SO much better though) 

  • There are so many gross additives added to EVERYTHING. It is insane. Seriously, next time you are grocery store, just look at a label of something. Things you can't even pronounce. Why are we putting these things in our body?? Because they taste good - that's why. Well you can have good tasting food without them as well - it just takes a little more work. Biggest example of this is bottled lime juice. Take a look at the ingredients at the bottom:
Realime 100% Juice, Lime, 15 Fl Oz, 1 Count
    • Why would I put "Sodium Benzoate" and "Sodium Metabisufite" in my food when I can literally take a lime that was grown from the earth and squeeze the juice out??
  • I need to be more careful chopping - I almost chopped off the tip of my thumb. :/

  • Don't watch food documentaries on Netflix while on Whole30. (But definitely watch them at some point). My recommendations: 
    • Ugly Delicious
    • What the Health?
    • Cooked

I've learned so much these past 30 days but those are just some of the highlights. Below are some pictures of some of the meals we cooked. I'll post some recipes here later. 

My Day 30 is going to be the hardest...I'm traveling to California for work and have to resist just ONE MORE HAPPY HOUR. Wish me luck. ;)




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