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**Blogging while watching my guilty pleasure: Vanderpump Rules.**

"Are you coaching volleyball this year?" I've gotten this question a lot since moving to Chicago. Unfortunately the answer is no. I want to explain. Volleyball has been a huge part of my life - playing and coaching. I have LOVED LOVED my years as a coach but it is very time consuming. I have realized there is a lot more in life I want to do/try/explore/fail at before it gets too late. (I AM turning 30 this year after all). I'm not able to do extra "stuff" when most of my non-work time is committed to volleyball. So, I have decieded to take a break from coaching for the time being. :( Even though I am sad, I'm excited for what's to come!

What exactly is next to come? (No, I'm not taking up some obscure sport).

1. I'm in the process of becoming an ESL teacher. (English as a Second Language). I start volunteering at our neighborhood community center next week! I'll be doing a combination of teaching English and tutoring those who are trying to get their citizenship. Albany Park is the most diverse neighborhood in the entire country. I want to help my neighbors learn English better to help improve their lives and obtain their dream of becoming an American. 

2. I recently joined the Associate Board of Namaste Charter School. Namaste is a REALLY cool school that takes a holistic approach to education focusing on health, nutrition, movement, collaborative/peaceful culture, and wellness. (Stuff I'm extremely passionate about). I was a little scared when I was asked to join because when I hear "board" I think of a group of white, old men. WRONG. This AB is full of young, fun, female professionals. 

3. With the Midterm elections coming up in November, I think it's important to dedicate some of my time to the country's democracy. I'm not sure what this will look like...maybe volunteering for a campaign, supporting a candidate I'm excited about, phone banking, canvasing, who knows? I want to be more active in local and state races this year. 
4. This isn't a huge thing, but Kyle and I really enjoyed building our bookshelf and want to start doing more DIY projects.  

Our next project we are tackling. I'll let you know how it goes....




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