Yacht Week

Oooooh Yacht Week....what an experience. Backstory on how we ended up on a yacht bobbing along the Greek Islands. Kyle's old colleague from the Austin Chamber, Maggie, moved to Indianapolis but we have stayed in touch with her.  Last year we went out in Indy and met her friend group and hit it off instantly. So when they needed to fill 2 more spots on the boat, they asked us! Of course - we signed up right away. The week was full of themed parties, swimming in the ocean, shots (lots of shots), games, inside jokes, laughs, delicious food, great conversations and plenty of sun! We started our trip in Athens seeing the Acropolis and Parthenon.


The next day we got on our yacht in Lavrio Marina then traveled to Ermioni, Porto Heli and Hydra. Our "cabin" was too hot to sleep in so Kyle and I slept on the deck outside. We had a hostess, Katie, who made us our meals on the boat - and got drunk with us. Our skipper's name was Santiago and he was THE BEST! Our favorite games: 1 before 10 or 10 before 1 (ask me more about this), BISHOPS and the dice game. By the end of 7 days, we were ready to sleep in a real bed w/AC. We met some incredible and interesting people and created the best memories. :)

      Tropical Party


French Rivera Party


          Costume Contest: Minions!        

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