A Bitter Goodbye, Austin...A Sweet Hello, Chicago!

Austin will always have a huge place in our hearts. It's where Kyle and I go engaged, bought our first home, adopted our first (which I'm sure will be of many) pets, and started our careers. These past 5 years have been incredible and we are so grateful for them. But the time has come to close this chapter of our lives and open the next.

We had always known that Texas was never going to be our "forever home",  but this decision happened so fast, I'm still in the process of, well...processing it. It wasn't an easy road to get to where we are today: A lot of talking, thinking, crying, therapy, nervous nights and stressful weeks. But we got here.

How it all went down: Kyle was offered an incredible job with the Schaumburg Business Association about a month ago. (Schaumburg is a northwest suburb outside of Chicago, about 10 mins from O'hare) as the Director of Economic Development -- Pretty much his dream job in this point of his life. He had been wanting to get back into economic development for a while now and really could not pass up this amazing opportunity. YAY GO KYLE!

I think one of the hardest things about a marriage ---that honestly is never talked about enough--- is juggling both your careers to make sure you are both fulfilled, love what you are doing and in the same city. Of course I was happy for him, but Kyle accepting this job put a huge gray cloud around me: What am I going to do? I love my team, I love my job, I love Google. I knew this day would come, where we would be put in this position, and I did NOT love it. The plan was I was going to stay in Austin while I searched for a job in Chicago (internally w/Google and externally). Not knowing how long we would be apart was unsettling but we knew we could do it.

I have NO idea how this happened but an opening in Chicago, at Google, became available within a couple of weeks. (This is so rare - there are never any openings in the Chicago office). Not only an opening, but one I was really interested in pursing! So I interviewed and thankfully, received an offer to transfer! I will be doing something completely new (which is exciting yet also terrifying). I will be learning the technical side of Google, working with advertisers and supporting them whenever they have problems or questions regarding their ads. I am so grateful for this new and exciting step in my career. YAY GO JJ!

So that brings us to today. What an emotional rollercoaster this has all been. I still can't believe this is all happening and everything is falling into place. We are so incredibly lucky. Next hurdles: selling our condo, buying our next home in Chicago, moving logistics and getting a dog and 2 cats across the country. GAHHH #cheerstochange




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