I met Reese Witherspoon! Oh & Kyle turned 30

**Blogging while hanging out at the hotel at my last volleyball tournament of the season**

Last weekend we packed up the car + Bran and headed to Nashville for Kyle's 30th birthday. I have been planning this trip for literally a year - Started right after his 29th bday. It couldn't have gone any better! Minus the part where Bran got car sick and puked on me. Other than that - just fabulous!

On the way to Nashville, we stopped in Little Rock, AR to visit Bill Clinton's Presidential Library. It's on Kyle's bucket list to go to all 14 of them.

We had friends and family from all over the country come celebrate the weekend with us. Kyle's cousin, Lucy, and her boyfriend live in Nashville and were great hosts. Kyle's parents and sister drove in from Illinois, my sister came from Ohio, Pete (the best man in our wedding) and his fiancé came from Chicago and Tyler (Kyle's college roommate) and his wife came from Idaho! What a dedicated and loving bunch. These people are the best.

The weekend was filled with beers, tequila shots, live music, sweets, laughs and lots of love. #dirty30&thriving was the theme for the weekend!

OH! And when we stopped by Reese Witherspoon's store, Draper James, SHE WAS THERE! She was so sweet and down to earth. I was starstruck. :)

All in all, I'd have to say it was a successful weekend. Not to mention I got the best present ever: a Squatty Potty. #lifechanging 


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