Too busy being an activist... keep up with my blog. #firstworldproblems

I was looking through my photos and realized it's been a hot minute since I posted. And so much has been going on. I must share...

1. In the wake of the new administration, I have become woke. Pun intended. Most of you that know me, know I have never been a very political person. It drove Kyle nuts: I had never voted in my life, I didn't watch the news, I couldn't tell you the difference between the Speaker of the House, Majority Leader and Minority Whip (besides whatever I picked up from House of Cards) and it never really bothered me. Well all that has changed. I can't get enough of this 'political' stuff. In the last 28 years, I had never attended any type of rally/protest and I have been to TWO in the last 3 months. Keeping up with what is going on in the world (instead of the Kardashians) is my new jam. 

2. Kyle and I went to the Governor's reception in Houston Super Bowl weekend. A string quartette during happy hour? Not my typical scene but I improvised. 

3. My manager was featured on Google's Instagram account. She is such an inspiration...and a badass. 

4. Kyle and I tried rock climbing for the first time. So much fun! My favorite part was free falling after you reach the top. Kyle insisted on just climbing back down. Even if you think you would suck at it...TRY IT! You will surprise yourself - I certainly did.

5. My friend from high school, Jessica, (we called ourselves J-Squared) moved to Austin recently! During high school we were attached at the hip - even had our graduation party together. Like a lot of friendships, we grew apart due to distance. It has been amazing re-connecting and having fun in this awesome city! It's like no time has passed. (Even though in reality 10 year has passed - yikes!)

6. My volleyball team is KICKING BUTT!! We got 1st in our last tournament and I could not be any prouder. My favorite part about coaching is actually not winning (it helps) but building relationships with these girls and helping them discover their confidence. <3

Hope everyone has a great spring break! SXSW is almost in full swing here in Austin. :)




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