'Tis the Season

I love this time of year. Decorations, cookies, spiked holiday drinks, traditions, white elephant gift exchanges, friends, lights, and more parties than you can count. This year our schedule was delightfully full of holiday goodness.

We hosted our 2nd annual "Trail of Lights" party. Gathered all our friends over for drinks and fun then walked to Zilker Park where we walked the Trail of Lights.

After 3 years of holiday seasons while working at Google, I finally got to go to the official Google holiday party --- and boy it did not disappoint. Flip book station, photo booth, delicious food, open bar, huge dance floor and my favorite part: This champagne lady who greeted you once you arrived.

The party's theme was "Dancing Through the Decades"---we went dressed in 50s attire and definitely danced through the night.

One of my favorite christmas traditions is wearing home-made, matching "ugly sweaters" w/Kyle.

My volleyball partner, Sheridan


One of my very best friends got engaged last weekend. YAY!! Sarah (aka P-Rod) was my college roommate, volleyball co-captain, bridesmaid and I am so excited for her and Chris. Can't wait to celebrate with them when we are home. 


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