When I started blogging I promised myself I would try and post at least once a month. So far, so good. So to keep up my good work, here is what's been going on lately...

We had some visitors (LOVE ALL THE VISITORS). Kyle's parents, Scott and Michelle, drove down from Illinois on a cross country Presidential Library Road Trip. Their stops included Clinton (Little Rock, Arkansas), Bush (Dallas), LBJ (Austin), Bush (College Station), Truman (Independence, MO), Eisenhower (Abilene, Kansas).

While they were here we did a mini road trip to in hill country to some fabulous distilleries.

Stops included:
1. Deep Eddy's Vodka
2. Treaty Oak
3. Texas Hill Country Olive Farm
4. Garrison Brothers
Oh yea, did I mention my recently-turned-21-year-old-sister was able to join in on the fun?! :0

It was her annual August trip to Austin before school starts. She is already going to be a Senior! Where has the time gone?!?

The next week I traveled to CA for a work trip. I was there for some trainings and was able to meet one of my hires in person! It is so amazing to see my work come to real life.

While I was there, I got to have some fun too. :) 

I experienced a first for me: My first Pride Parade. I wasn't only a spectator of Austin's Pride Parade, I was able to walk IN it.  What an incredible experience to celebrate so much LOVE. 

Well that is what's been going on lately. Hope everyone is excited for FOOTBALL SEASON right around the corner! :) 



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