Goodbye 27...

...Hello 28!!
Well another year has come and gone - and we did what we do best: CELEBRATE. I will always be one to celebrate birthdays in a big way. I think they are an amazing time to cherish this life we live everyday with friends and family.
For Kyle's birthday (4 days before mine) we ate tacos and drank tequila at one of our favorite Austin establishments: Tacos and Tequila.
After, we went home (early because it was a Wednesday and we are working adults now) and opened a box full of birthday goodies! Even at 29, Kyle gets excited about presents. :)
I turned 28 in a hotel room in Dallas. My volleyball team had a 3 day tournament and Kyle was awesome enough to come and keep me company. I should have known he would bring the birthday shenanigans with him....
Shout out to our friend, Beth, who watched Bran and the kitties while we were away all weekend and sent me this adorable picture. I can't handle the cuteness.
After a long weekend, I came home to find our condo had been visited by the birthday fairy. Thanks to my friend, Allie, for this wonderful surprise.
The best was opening the fridge and seeing this box:
Kyle's grandparents sent us our favorite Chicago meal and I had my own personal chef to cook it for me.
The next day I came into work to find my desk showered with funny photos, flowers and gifts. I have the best team EVER - they sure know how to make a girl feel special. PS-notice Kyle's head on JJ Watt's body - my personal favorite.
After a weekend of cake, candy and donuts - it was nice to receive a healthy (but also yummy) birthday treat from my parents. :)
27 was an incredible year, but I think 28 will be even better...stay tuned to my next blog post for more info ;)
*To everyone who helped us celebrate our lives, thank you. You are all amazing.*


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